Crescent Telecommunication Technologies. is a globally renowned information and communication network product and solution provider. Since its establishment in 2007, Crescent has been devoted to the progress and development of optical communications and accumulated profound understanding of and creativity on information and communication. At present, Crescent Telecom has become one of the world's ten most competitive enterprises in optical communications. It ranks among the top five enterprises in the world in income from optical transport products, top four in the world in income from broadband access products, and top four in the world in overall strength of optical cables. It has ranked first in export among optical cable enterprises of China for eight consecutive years.

Crescent ’s corporate vision is to "maximize the potential of fiber optics and benefit the society". Crescent upholds the core value of "customer orientation, dedication & integrity, Continuous innovation, and incremental development" and is committed to bringing the benefits of communications technology to everyone.

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